You might say we’re under the radar. And you’d be right.

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We believe that big things can come from small agencies like ours. In fact, we’ve kept our core team intentionally small over the years because we value working closely with our clients. That means listening, learning and gaining a deep understanding of the problems we’re solving (instead of handing them off to juniors to figure out). This approach has served us well. More importantly, it’s served our clients well.

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Meet the Team

Anna S - Needlestack

Anna Semanyk

SEO Specialist
Carolina Navarro

Carolina Navarro

Account Director
George Babunashvili - Needlestack

George Babunashvili

Senior Developer
Giselle Boyer - Needlestack

Giselle Boyer

Technical Project Manager
Giuli Louis, Account Manager, Needlestack

Giuli Louis

Account Manager
Sarah Foster Copywriter

Sarah Foster

Valentin Ostwald

Valentin Ostwald

Website Support Specialist


We take a refreshingly simple approach to working together.

Our first priority is always listening and learning from you. After we get a feel for your business, we’ll discuss your goals and identify the strategies that will help you accomplish those goals, while giving you the most bang for your buck. Our work-smart, work-fast approach allows us to collaborate closely with you and deliver high-quality work at the speed your business operates.

We also believe in that little thing called client satisfaction. It’s the cornerstone of our business, not an afterthought, and it’s evidenced by the fact that many of our clients have been working with us for years. If you need a reference, just say the word, and we’ll connect you with a few people we’re fortunate enough to call clients – and friends.

Partnering with clients since 2011