Cam Thomas - Needlestack Owner, Co-founder

Cam Thomas

/ Co-founder
Short Bio

Cam is a proven problem solver with more than a decade of marketing experience. A copywriter by trade, he’s written for a number of global brands, including Four Seasons, Miele, BMW, Wells Fargo, Michelin and others. He’s equally comfortable providing creative direction to a team of designers, developers and writers as advising clients on strategy or managing complex projects from start to finish.

Cam graduated from the College of Charleston with a BA in Communications and from George Mason University with an MFA in Creative Writing. Outside of work, you’ll find him going for a quick run, whipping something up in the kitchen or spending time with his wife Randi and their two daughters.

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Random things with Cam Thomas

First Job

At 15, I got a job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. I went on to work in restaurants throughout high school and college. I attribute my love of cooking today to all those nights prepping and working the line.

Any Obsessions?

Fly fishing is my latest obsession. I like how challenging it is, and it’s a great excuse to wake up early and head to the mountains. I’m hoping to have it all figured out by the time my girls are old enough to go with me!

Strengths Finder® Top 5 Themes

Futuristic, Strategic, Learner, Focus, Achiever

On My Playlist

Damien Jurado, The War on Drugs, Arcade Fire, Songs: Ohia, Jason Isbell, Charley Crockett, Future Islands, Emancipator

Little Known Fact

My wife and I were set up through mutual friends. It was a blind date of sorts where we met for lunch one day. At the time, we both thought, this will never work out. Here we are more than a decade later.

Favorite Team

I’ve been a Clemson fan for as long as I can remember and grew up going to the football games. The last few seasons have been amazing, but what I enjoy most is spending gamedays with my family in Tiger town.